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Locally, and Family-Owned Moving Company in Kaukauna, WI

Pat's Movin' and Haulin' is a residential, family-owned moving company out of Kaukauna, WI. Our highest priorities are our customers and their satisfaction.

We have served the Valley since 2011, and continue to double our customer base each year, since. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Pat's Story:

My first job after high school and while in college, was a truck loader. I did this for three years and had taken a liking to the labor. I also developed an appreciation for the art of properly loading a truck.

In April of 2011, my wife and I created Pat’s Movin’ and Haulin’. We began with a pickup truck and trailer. The jobs we picked up covered what we needed to pay our bills and also pay off our equipment. That same year, we purchased our first enclosed box truck.

We learned from the beginning, that the cliché, "The best business is word of mouth" was indeed true. We took great pride in our work and still do. The result was overwhelming, and our customers were referring us to everyone they knew. They were also calling us back for future moves and/or assistance with pick-ups and other deliveries.

In 2012, we started picking up some commercial accounts. This produced a steady income, year-round, and greatly helped out in the winter months, when moving season is typically slower. By early 2013, we sold the truck and purchased two more. They were much larger, and we could accommodate many more customers. This trend continued and in late 2013, we purchased two more large trucks and attained another large commercial contract. 

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